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Qinhuangdao Bohai Sea Port Co., Ltd

      Bohai Qinhuangdao Port Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for port cargo handling, warehousing operations and other business. Located at 39 degrees north latitude: 56 '18.27 "Tokyo 119 degrees 42' 47.63". Company was established on January 9, 2014, Haigang district and Shanhaiguan district is located at the junction, high-speed 15km distance, from the east outer ring 11km, from Du Zhuang Shouqin company 29KM, Qin plate 9km distance. The geographical position of Qinhuangdao has created a better advantage of Bohai port to port and port to provide customers with convenient traffic conditions.
       Port distribution for the two part, the front end, the land area of about 400 acres. Front temporarily existing advanced technology 4035 machine 4, in a radius of 30 meters can be freely placed 40 tons of goods, in order to better serve customers, our front can direct stacking goods, as more efficient loading unloading the ship to provide convenient conditions and also for customers to save down goods time and cost, through berth 400 meters, the harbor can be 165 metre boat docked. 16000 tons of ship 5000, 2 tons of ship 3 can be carried out at the same time 24 hours. Draught depth -9 M. Is expected by the end of the water depth of dredging to -10.5 M. On the eastern side of the port is more than 200 meters board installed terminals, a separate dry bulk area, an area of 80 acres, can be stored at the same time 80000 tons of goods. After 2 sets of 40 tons crane, a span of 36 meters, the length of 280 meters, about 10000 square meters, can store 30000 tons of cargo at the same time. Hardened chain block field is about 10000 more than 7 square meters, can store 40000 tons of cargo at the same time. The house is equipped with 200 tons of electronic pounds. Port area with a variety of advanced mobile machinery and equipment. And has the repair service, at the same time, the water supply terminal with gas, food and supplies services.
       The Bohai Sea port cargo handling equipment, the domestic first-class, loading and unloading of goods: bulk goods grain, powder, slag powder, coal, steel, wire rod, steel billet, slab, steel pipe, coil, strip, and the sintered pellets, ore, fly ash, feed, refined oil, vegetable oil, bulk and bagged fertilizer, wood, cement, etc., and actively promote meticulous management and standardized operation, innovation process, improve quality of loading and unloading, the implementation of one-stop service, occupies the leading level in the same industry.
Bohai Qinhuangdao Port Co., Ltd. leaders with all the staff to "integrity, efficiency, quality, innovation," the spirit of service, believe that science and technology is the first productivity, the national port for the purpose of building a first-class service.
       In the business philosophy of the company to pursue the principle of the user is God, establish a user centric service awareness, in the work seriously listen to the implementation of customer requirements; in the internal production and service management, strict according to the requirements of each production and service work, to ensure the quality and efficiency of our company's production, so that customers can rest assured, satisfied. We believe that we will win the trust and support of all sectors of the country

Qinhuangdao Bohai Shipping Matters Engineering Co.Ltd

     Qinhuangdao Bohai Shipping Matters Engineering Co.Ltd is a comprehensive company with business including ship’s repairing,ship material supplying and small shipbuilding. It located in the estuary of Xinkaihe River. Opposite to Qinuhangdao Xingang port. The area of the shipyard is 96000㎡. In our shipyard there are a 70000㎡ slipway (Max load 3000 tons)and a dock of 175m in length, 8m in depth for berthing and repairing. We are capable to build and repair 8 small vessels simultaneously. There are 230 staffs in our company, including 36 high-qualified engineers, 17 staffs of management, 159 skilled workers. We can undertake all kinds of military and civil ships’ voyage repairing, annual repairing and dock repairing. We have first-rate ship repairing technology and facilities, mechanic working technology and equipment. By now, we have completed hundereds of ships voyage repairing and annual repairing. We winfavorable appraisal from customers both domestic and overseas.
     We insist the motto “Owner is God”. We adapt and obey the advice and requirements of the owners. We comply with the standard of ISO9001 in our manaerment. 24-hour service is available in our yard to meet customers requirements. We sincerely serve you with advanced technology, competitive price and punctual delivery to guarantee your ship sailing safely and on time.

Liferaft Service Station of Qinhuangdao Bohai Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd

      Liferaft Service Station of Qinhuangdao Bohai Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd. Was founded in 1996, with the certificate approved by China Maritime Safety Administration. The station covers an area of 800㎡,500㎡ of which is used for the service shop, to meet the need for services of the 25 persons and less (including 25 persons) inflatable liferafs. All the service technicians ae qualified with certificates issued by China Maritime Safety Administration, experienced, skillful, and backed with the service equipment. We obey our service tenet “Customer First”, to meet the inquiry from our customers and quality guaranteed to customer’s satisfaction.
      The station is also approved by Hebei Province Fishing Boat Classification Branch with Fishing Boat liferaft Service Certificate, qualified for the liferafts of fishing boats.
Service, repair and maintenance of marine fire extinguishing appliances such as CO2,1211,1301,dry powder,foam and etc.; Blow-off release,alarm system test of marine stationed fire extinguishing systems; Test and service of marine and on-board fire identification of fire extinguishing systems; Hydraulic test and refilling of the steel bottles for liferafts; Test,service and refilling of air bottles and escape repirator bottles; Test and service of air respirators and escape repirators; Hydraulic test of stationed fire extinguishing bottles and all types of fire extinguishers.
      We also supply liferafts, extinguishers, liferaft appliance, and serials of liferafts; serials of liferaft signals; serials of fire extinguishing systems; line-throwing guns, international shore connections,temperature sensors, valves, lights, watertight switches, personal protection equipment, oxygen, acetylene, Freon, general navigation equipment, ship-borne mobile satellite TV, logos and marks, flags, 3M reflective tapes, and other marine products as well as a variety of shipping materials and living materials.

Qinhuangdao Bohai Dredging Work Co., Ltd

     Qinhuangdao Bohai Dredging Work Co., Ltd. Locates at the Xinkai Rive Estuary, Qinhuangdao (No.129 East of Hebei Street), which was set up in 2004, being an enterprise with the professional qulification of Class 3 for the business of dredging work, construction of prot engineering projects, and the No.1 private enterprise with its own ships at the province. The total assets of the company is for RMB 30 million, and 60 employees, among whom 32 are technicians with professional diploma, and 20 medium and high ranking management people.
      The company believes in that science and technology are the first productivity, and has been focusing on the increase of the hardware equipment. It has 1 Nissan (Kobelco) dredging ship of full rotary grab bucket of 11m³ (Bohai 1106), 2 automatic navigation silt lighters of 1,000m³ (Bohai 1010 and 1012), 1 independent anchor weighing ship (Bohaimao 1), with the advanced modern instruments of DGPS position indicator and depth sounder which have increased the work quality and eficiency a lot, laying good foundation for the work quality.
      The company insists on the aim of “build up Class 1 engineering projects for the national port construction”, and strives to pass the certification of the third party in the shortset time. In the past year, the company finished successfully the Qingang coal project of Stage5, contracted the dredging work of No.31 and 32 ports of Jingtanggang of Tianjin Waterway Administration Bureau, participated the dredging work of 205B and 206B general goods berths of Jinzhou port, contracted the engineering project of widening the main waterway and the projects of No.33 and 34 projects of Jingtang port, having gained the high commendation of the owners. The good credit and work quality will speed up the development of the company at the socialist market economy and increase the company’s competitve abilitise.
      Mr.Yangyuchun, Chairman of Qinhuangdao Bohai Dredging Work Co., Ltd, and all of the employees would like to cooperate sincerely with all of the friends to set up excellent qulity projects with the spirit of “sincerity, high efficiency, excellent quality and innovation”.

Company address: No. 92, Longhai Road, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province
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